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Welcome To My World

I’m a singer/songwriter & recording artist who has a great love and passion for being creative in many areas of life and music is on the top of the list.  What I like about music, is it’s a form of emotional expression and mental release that translates emotional feelings in the way you feel at the time you wrote the song in a coded form where the listener who has experienced the same similar events throughout their life can relate.  No one wants to hear anyone complain or whine but put your feelings in a song and if it’s good, people will listen and maybe even pay to hear you whine.  I’m not one to be in the spotlight or like to draw attention to myself and do enjoy performing for people in small situations at times but I am a very private person and just enjoy creating music. I value my privacy and just enjoy creating and sharing my music to listeners. As much as I love music, I never dreamed of being famous to the point that you can’t leave your home without someone recognizing you, to me that’s a prison.  I enjoy people and can be very social at times and depending on my mood, I can be closed off and too myself and very private at times. I used to run around with a large circle of who I thought were friends and over time I became more selective of who I let into my world and socialize with. I’m always willing to give someone that chance but I’ve found contentment and happiness in my life through creativity. I have become more dependent on myself for happiness and if you’re in my life, It’s because I want you in it, not because I need you in it.  I’ve found in life, that some people can be so selfish manipulative, they will tell you what you want to hear to get what they want and stop at nothing to get their way if it means destroying relationships etc. These types of people tend always have drama around them. Being flashy with money or being famous will pull these types of people out of the woodwork and you’ll never know true friends are love.  You don’t have to have money or fame, just something you have they need. No one is perfect and I’m always willing to forgive and forget but find, you have to have a line/ 3 limit rule with a bitch switch. Once the bitch switch is tripped you will see a side of me that is very cold and I don’t care what I say to you. I’m very laid back and it takes a lot to make me mad and very few do but when I’m at that point, you’ve done me very wrong and you get what’s coming to you. Those who, do me wrong but don’t reach that limit. I’m still very civil to them and don’t believe in stooping to their level to do the same thing they did to me. If I feel I can’t communicate to them and everything is a joke to them, I will just place them in the so called category of a so called friend with loyalty limits and will vent my feelings to someone else who may have the same thing in common.

My Passion & Drive:

I’ve found over the years, that is if something is too simple and becomes routine, I get bored, I find what keeps excitement in my life and liberating my need to depend on others or buying things for entertainment is to always challenge myself and I find great satisfaction in being creative and learning as much as I can. From learning different instruments, singing/songwriting, learning recording software, 3d modeling to virtual world, design software, graphics & website building & design, custom home design, stock market and starting my own business and now for my latest venture starting my own music business, be it making money off the songs or cross advertising using music to sell my house plans and vice versa. Because of this I wake up early every morning looking forward to start the day. Although I did go to school for architectural drafting & design and took guitar lessons at 15, most everything else was self-driven, either I learned on my own, books and now with YouTube, you have the world of knowledge right at your fingertips As far as I’m concerned I’ve already reached my goal of success and that is being independent, content and happy. I once looked for it in all the wrong places, never realizing I held the key. I looked for it in friendship, relationships and money like most do but was always let down and never happy. I grew frustrated and refused to just settle with anyone so I revaluated my life one day and realized I was depending on others for my happiness. I looked back at all my relationships and realized that they all happened too fast, we told each other what we wanted to hear and jumped in the sack, never spending enough time to get to know each other all because we were attracted to each other and called it love. I found in life just because someone is interested in you doesn’t mean it’s you their interested in. There could be many different reasons, one is they just don’t want to be alone. People can come in many different colors and tell you what you want to hear. You don’t have to be rich, just have something they need. The problem I found is not being friends with them long enough to get to know who you’re dealing with.  In combination in getting to know someone, gut feelings and red flags we tend to ignore I now pay attention to these signs. I’m very selective in who I associate with and allow in my world.  Although I would love to meet someone, the right one would be a bonus. Since I found my new love in creativity, I’ve lost all drive to look for love and see it is something I don’t want to ever experience or waste my time on again. I believe it’s either meant to be or not. I leave that in God’s hands.  I love what I’m doing and my goal takes many years/hours a day to achieve and if I had someone, they would never tolerate the amount of time I spend doing this stuff. I’d be willing to give it up for the right person but so far this area remains in God’s hand at this time.

My Goal:

Most of my music at this current time was written and recorded back in the mid 90’s. And range in quality as technology progressed. I will also be sharing cover tunes and live recordings with friends and family back in the early days.  Back in the early days without today’s technology I would write and record songs and physically mail out to different small music publishers and record labels it was very hard to get your music heard by a bigger labels.  I studied the music industry and learned never to pay anyone who is requesting money to hear your music and found there’s a lot music sharks out there.  I believe never giving up on your dreams, if your failing you’re not learning but writing and recording music was very time consuming and I started custom home design business that demanded all my time so I put the music to rest and focused on my business, since 2002 to 2021 I’m now in a situation, to where I can go back to my music and I’m single with no family so being creative is my life and now with the current advanced technology of social media, video audio, streaming, monetization, publishing, distribution services and creating ad campaigns I’m able to broaden my range of audience and not having to rely on a publishers or record label who has to invest the time and money on something they are not sure of. I found that, they want your music to sound like someone else who is already famous never giving something that sounds different a chance even though it may be a great song.  That’s why all music is starting to sound the same on the radio. I have found such good music on the internet of artist that are not big wondering why their music isn’t on the radio. They don’t even give the listener a chance.  The Beatles are a good example in how hard it was for them to get in the door and they were touring.  Their music was so different and you still listen to them today.  Some music can be really good at first but you can quickly get tired of it.  I never get tired of hearing the Beatles to this day.  They had a natural gift for writing music and I believe most of their music was written fast, their music would create natural feeling which just flowed out of their mouth to what they were writing.  I’ve found my best songs were written the fastest.  I always carry a micro recorder to capture most of the words/rhythm and then come back and edit the song.  I always wanted to write a Christian songs but found it very hard and when I would try and sit down to write, I’d spend a lot of time trying to find the words and then when I’d try and recorded it, it seemed too unnatural and constructed and I wouldn’t  feel it.  I finally sat down one day and hit the right chords generating natural flow of words which most of the lyrics came out as I played it the first time and captured everything on the micro recorder so I could come back ad or remove lyrics etc.  Once laid out, I then recorded the instrument tracks and the song came to life. It’s a song unlike many songs I wrote before I normally get tired of hearing it after hearing it over and over but as much as I worked on this song, I never get tired of hearing it. “Place I’d like to be” These songs have really never been heard that much so these songs I may love because it touches me in my own personal way.  These songs have been on my computer for over 20 years and not many even know I’ve recorded them. I’m not one to say “Hey look at me” but what good is a song without the listener.

Instrument I actually perform in my songs are: Rhythm & lead guitar, Bass, piano, drums, harmonica, Lead & background vocals.  All other instruments you hear are simulated on the keyboards and all music videos and graphics created my by me all work was created in my mancave studio. 

Whether my music inspires people or not, it’s a love and passion and a mental escape from the world we live in. I love to creating something from nothing and bringing it into existences.  It’s a high, I never want to come down from. I hope you enjoy.

​ To see more of my creative work, please visit “Cube Custom Home Design”

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