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Welcome to my website!


I’m a singer song writer/recording artist reemerging with songs written back in the mid to late 90’s my goal was and is to write music for other artist, movies, commercial jiggles and now with the advanced technology also getting paid for streaming and monetization of my music. In the 90’s I found it very hard to get my foot in the door. Money & time wouldn’t allow it. I’m in a much better place now to get back into what I love doing also with social media and all, it’s much easier to get my music heard. If anything it’s better than the music sitting on my computer collecting dust.  I’m not one to promote are draw attention to myself, I’m more of a private person and just love to be creative in my man cave studio, which is why I wanted to be just a songwriter I’ve had my share of being in the public, people who I thought were friends, relationships that have great beginnings but the endings are worse than the beginnings, like some damn drug that gets you high for a day and you find yourself behind bars come morning time.  I believe I’ve found something a bit more steady with a better return on my on my time invested. I love many areas of creativity web design, 3d modeling I also design house plans: My range of music is wide. Rock, pop, classical, jazz, funk, blues and country

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